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      Blue Lunch      
      Blue Taxi      
      Frankie Starr


      CLASSIC ROCK      
      Avalanche Running in Circles    
      Brew Crew Spazmatics     
      Breakfast Club Sugar Fuzz    
      Calabash Teaser    
      Disco Inferno That 80's Band    
      Forte' The Cleveland Boys    
      Mid Life Chryslers  The Vibe    
      My Three Sons The Vibe "Lite"    
        Uptown Cats    
      Bil Benden Charlie Wiener    
      Shane Tim Marszalkowski    
      Mary Miller Ralph Palmer    
      Michael Cheselka Hector Rezzano    
      Pat Miller Carol Pennington      
      CONTEMPORARY / TOP 40      
      After 5 Night Bridge    
      Constantine Project Raisin Cain    
      Cousins The Vibe    
      Forte' Time Trax    
      Hotline That 80s Band    
      D.J.'S & KARAOKE      
      Blazin DJ's LCA Entertainment    
      LCA Entertainment Johnny Shula "All Star DJ & Karaoke"     
        Blazin DJ's     
      ISLAND MUSIC      
      Macaw Tropical Winds    
      Calypso Gypsies Mojo Mama - Zydeco Jones    
      NATIONAL ACTS      
      Click Here      
      American Grease Phil Dirt & The Dozers    
Rock & Remember
      Eddie & the Edsels
Time Trax

      Nite Bridge



      R & B      
      After 5 Jady Kurent    
      John Chatman Band      
      Nuhu Earth Force    
      Carlos Jones & The Plus UAG    
      Breakfast Club Neil Zaza    
      Calabash Runing in Circles    
      Charlie In The Box Teaser    
      Daves Planet
That 80's Band    


      SINGLES & DUO'S      
      Alex Bevan      
      Norm Cotone Chaz & Mike    
      Mike Criscione Jeff Varga & Mike Criscione    
      Scott Dickerson Megan & Adam    
      Bruce Nehlan Stanley Duo    
      Rick Powell Trish & Stan    
      Moss Stanley Uptown Cats    
      Jeff Varga      
      Rich Spina      
      Tom Todd      
      TRIBUTE ACTS      
      China Grove (Doobie Brothers) Disco Inferno    
      Crazy Train (Ozzy) Mr. Speed (KISS)    
      Any Color You Like (Pink Floyd) OHIO CSN&Y TRIBUTE    
      Battery (Metallica) 2112 (Rush)    
      Hells Bells (AC/DC) Seattle (Seattle Sound)    
      Winds of Thor (Led Zeplin) Think Floyd USA (Pink Floyd)    
      Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd) Shadows of the 60s    
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