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DISCO INFERNO is Pimp Daddy T. Love, Sonny D. Lite, Darius Aquarius, Rufus Z. Funkenstein, and Johnny Crowvolta. They are all a cast of professional entertainers from Perfect World Entertainment in Los Angeles, California.

DISCO INFERNO was formed in 1995 after Sonny relocated from Southern California to the Cleveland area. Sonny was an original member of the world famous Boogie Knights, the band that started the disco band craze in 1992.

Noticing that there was a serious need for a band that could bring some boogie to the Midwest, Sonny and former drummer Antonio "Diablo" Banderos enlisted the help of the bass player from Firehouse, Darius, porn star Johnny Crowvolta on percussion and backing vocals and the Reverend Russell J.Love on lead vocals. DISCO INFERNO was an instant success playing Cleveland venues such as The Basement, Shooters, Phantasm, Odeon and Fagans. Soon, everyone wanted to be like DISCO INFERNO. Many local area copycat disco bands began springing up like a bad case of herpes. DISCO INFERNO continues to stand above the wannabe disco acts by performing regularly at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Hard Rock Cafés. DISCO INFERNO was also featured with The Village People at the Cleveland National Rib Cook-off and annually headlines the Twilight at the Zoo benefit.

Then tragedy struck when the Reverend was incarcerated for contributing to the delinquency of a minor and Antonio was deported back to Cuba. The band had to act quickly. They contacted Z-Funk to play drums, who was doing lounge work in Las Vegas with Cousin Oliver from the Brady Bunch. While on tour in the lovely state of Georgia; they found their new singer Orenthal T.Love. He was recently released from the Savannah Correctional Institute for prostitution. Since, he's inherited the name "Pimp Daddy" T. Love. The new line up was a hit! The phones at Tevis Entertainment were ringing off the hook with engagements for the band. Due to a heavy performance schedule, DISCO INFERNO recruited even more talent to help them out, including Preston Moses Brown, from the Chicago Afrodisiacs, and Vinny Zuela from Havanna, Cuba. Since then, DISCO INFERNO has played regularly in Buffalo, NY; Pittsburgh, PA; Detroit, MI; Chicago, IL; Milwaukee, WI; Tampa, FL; Las Vegas, NV; Columbus, OH;Tokyo, Japan and New York City.

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