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Jonah Koslen | Rodney Psyka | Alan Greene | Tom Dobeck | Bill March | Rik Williger

JONAH KOSLEN (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Songwriter) Jonah Koslen has been creatively active in the music business since 1973 as a composer, producer and performer. His successful run began with the Michael Stanley Band, where he contributed to the writing and recording of some of the band's most loved songs, including “Waste a Little Time On Me”, “Strike Up The Band”, “Nothing's Gonna Change My Mind”, and “Ladies Choice”. In addition to his songwriting duties, Jonah contributed lead guitar, lead vocals and arrangements to three albums and numerous compilations. The song“Nothing's Gonna Change My Mind” charted in the summer of 1977. Jonah's solo work included a solo record “Back Tracks,” in 1978 and 2 albums with Breathless, which featured such songs as “Takin' It Back” (which charted in 1979), “Glued to the Radio”, “Wild Weekend”, and “Walk Right In”. After recording the albums “Aces,” and “Orange” (which features Danny Powers on lead guitar) between 1982 and 1984 with Jonah Koslen and the Heroes, Jonah relocated to Los Angeles. While there, he kept busy, recording demos with 80's teen star Tiffany, appearing at Farm Aid II with blues legend Bonnie Bramlett (subsequently writing and recording several songs for an episode of the TV show "Fame" in which Bonnie appeared), as well as working and recording with Aerosmith guitarist Jimmy Crespo, Guns and Roses guitarist Gilby Clark, and appearing on a live television broadcast with Wayne Newton. He also composed music for various films, and composed and produced an album for the rock band Skin Diver in 1990. Soon after that, he reunited with Michael Stanley to help write and produce the Ghost Poets CD. After returning to Ohio in 1998, Jonah formed the much-loved Gentlemen Rockers.

RODNEY PSYKA (Percussion/Vocals/Mayhem) Veteran Cleveland rocker, Rodney Psyka, has been a part of the Cleveland Rock scene since the mid-sixties. He began his musical career at age 5, playing the trumpet he studied with many teachers, but learned much more about music by listening to his parent's ( Big Bill and Little Eva's) records by such legendary greats as Harry James, Al Hirt, Benny Goodman. Rodney has played in many well-known local bands, including Breathless, Pyramid, Happy Daze, and Jonah Koslen and the Gentlemen Rockers. In addition to playing with Breathless, Rodney appears with Michael Stanley and the Resonators. Rodney is a multi-instrumentalist, playing percussion, trumpet, drums, flute, keyboards and guitar, and has developed a distinctive clear tenor voice.

ALAN GREENE (Guitar/Vocals) Alan is a respected veteran of the Cleveland music scene, who was voted "Best Guitarist in Northeast Ohio" in the 1997 Scene Magazine Annual Readers Poll. He was also nominated as "Best Guitarist" in the 2001 Free Times Music Awards, and performed with the international band "Humble Pie". Alan joined forces with Jonah first in Breathless, and has returned to reprise his role as guitarist extraordinaire. In addition to playing in Breathless, Alan also performs with The Alan Greene Band, which specializes in its' own fiery brand of electric blues.

RIK WILLIGER (Keyboards/Harmonica/Vocals) Rik was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and grew up on the east side, playing keyboards and guitar in bands such as The Short Circuits, Vermillion Skye, and The Harlequin Colour. He played anything from bars, to the old "Hullabaloo" circuit, once opening for Bob Seger. While in high school, Rik played in a short-lived band with Jonah Koslen and Bob Benjamin, who would later become the original bassist in Breathless. Rik moved to Kent in the 1970's, and played with local originals band Jonquil for several years, until he got the call to join The Measles, Joe Walsh's old band. Rik played with The Measles for several years until he moved to the Akron area, where he played for several years with Badge and Magna, local bands of some renown. Rik joined forces with Jonah last year to form Jonah Koslen and The Gentlemen Rockers , and now appears with Jonah in Breathless, where he plays multi-keyboards and blasts a mean harmonica.

TOMMY DOBECK (Drums) Tommy is one of Northeast Ohio's premiere rock drummers. He enjoyed early success with Cleveland rock band Circus, which had the regional hit single, “Stop (Wait-Listen)”, and opened for many national acts. Tommy attracted the attention of musician Michael Stanley, who, along with Jonah Koslen and bassist Dan Pecchio (of Glass Harp fame, as well) was searching for a hard-driving drummer. After the show, Michael recruited Tommy into the first formation of The Michael Stanley Band. Tommy has played with many world-class performers, including Wayne Newton, and Jonah Koslen and the Gentlemen Rockers. In addition to appearing with Breathless, Tommy continues to perform with Michael Stanley and the Resonators .

BILLY MARCH (Bass/Vocals) Bill began playing bass at an early age, and began musical life, as did many musicians, in garage bands. Later, Bill solidified his musicianship while attending the prestigious Berklee School of Music, in Boston. However, he left formal education behind when he received an offer to move to California to play in a musical venture. Bill played in countless bands in the Cleveland area, one of the most noteworthy being Jonah Koslen and the Heroes. Bill later became one of the founding members of Beau Coup , which eventually was signed to CBS and Amherst records. As a member of Beau Coup, Bill's music was played on the local airwaves, and the band opened for many national acts, including Todd Rundgren and Night Ranger. Bill is once again joined forces with Jonah in The Gentlemen Rockers, and now appears with Breathless. He also spends time playing with My Three Sons, another popular Cleveland area band.

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